Trump says he wants to go ahead with second TV debate despite Covid illness – BBC News

Trump says he wants to go ahead with second TV debate despite Covid illness – BBC News

President Trump has said he is prepared to go ahead with the second televised debate against his Democratic rival Joe Biden, despite his treatment for Covid and ongoing questions about the true state of his health. The president has returned to the White House from hospital and his doctors insist he’s doing “extremely well”. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by north America editor Jon Sopel. Please subscribe HERE

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  3. The BBC really needs to improve their YouTube content; grainy 720p low bit rate video, poor lip syncing…. amateur channels with a couple of thousand subscribers do a better job.

  4. <> ELECTION GLOSSARY — [A]-INT'L, [B]-U.S., Utube, ''in" — A1) – At the Trump-Biden Debate [Id.], Biden said ''Inshallah" — ["if God wills" or "God willing" the Quranic Command (WIKIPEDIA)] — A2) – This Arabic word has re-surfaced 2 verified records [Id.]: — A3) – At ''in'' & by the original NYT Report of June 23, 1982 ON WHAT THE NYT/OTHER SENATORS DEFINED "THE HOTTEST EVER RECORDED ATTACK ON A GEUST IN THE SENATE", CONDUCTED BY BIDEN TO ATTACK THE PM OF ISRAEL, BEGIN, JUST AFTER A PLEASANT MEETING WITH PRESIDENT REGAN. ACCORDING TO NEWS IN HEBREW, IN DEFENDING TERRORISTS ARRIVING FROM LEBANON AND MURDERING CITIZENS, "BIDEN SET-UP-A-SENATE ATTACK TO DEFEND THE TERRORISTS FROM LEBANON" AND HIS CALCULATED ATTACK INCLUDED POUNDING IN RAGE ON HIS DESK.] — A4) – Biden (Id.): – If elected, Trump-Sanctions on Iran stop, its Atom-Bomb-Development to Eliminate Israel – [a UN-State] & Its Int'l Terror, also against SA, may not be serious — B1) – Trump-Growing-Economics — B2) – His Revival of Precarious, American-Led, Culture-Civilization-Power, domestically & globally — B3) – Consistent Trump work to minimize "misinformation" aka "FAKE NEWS" — B4) – Dealing w a million ONE-LINERS-A-DAY of self-nominated experts-editors of anything [Hate too as discussed by Senator Cruz in CNN] — B5) – Mitigating BLM revenging past-SLAVERY, Blaming Racism ON THE WHITE [but voting via their skin color, against ALM, 4 'NATION OF ISLAM', or some publish die, die to the ONE THAT HONESTLY WORKS HARD TO MAKE this Precarious, American-Led, Culture, Civilization and Power, Great Again. "Va-Yaamodd Hayaam Mizaapo" ["sea ceased from her raging"; YONNAH 1;16].

  5. Do you think anyone believes the shit your spunk stains are peddling out? Trump is going to win! BBC is going to lose its tax licence fee. And people are not listening to your civid shite.

  6. Trump's COVID19 IS A CON! His trip to the hospital was a con. A ploy to try to rally his minions, oops I mean supporters. A ploy for votes. He is nothing but a conman, and his con is selling our democracy down the river. He is truly an evil dictator!

  7. What did you expect him to say? He has an illusion to maintain that America is recovering when it isn't. If he still tests positive at that time it would be irresponsible to hold the debate. But, he'll push his alternative reality to the end.

  8. Trump will back out of the debate; he wants to continue the false belief that he is super human! Clearly he has covid19 issues breathing, he doesn't want the world to know he is vulnerable! Trump knows that losing the upcoming election will result in multipule counts of fraud charges against him some of which comes with Ricco Act charges. The Ricco act allows prosecutors to seize all assets of everyone involved and to get those assets back you must prove you obtained them with 100% legal funds. Which means the trumps will lose everything while being dragged through the mud!

  9. Debate Commision just said that next debate will be virtual and Trump threw a temper tantrum and said he will not participate. They claim "Their (Debate Commission) trying to protect Biden"….. AND everyone else that had planned on attending.
    Trump is a RECKLESS walking petri dish. His own people tried to be cute in the 1st debate and took off their mask. Doctors ask that the put them on and offered them mask and they refused. Everyone knew the rules and the Trump's and his minons felt they were above the rules putting everyone life at risk. Days later we wake up to hear Trump has Covid.

    I don't blame the commission at all for changing the next debate to a virtual one. The Trump Administration does not adhere to the rules that were agreed upon then they leave the Commission no choice but to make this upcoming debate a virtual one.

    Its not like we the people haven't had to readjust our lives (virtual school and zoom meetings) ….welcome to 2020

    BOTTOM LINE: The disease has infiltrated the White House and the Brass Cabinet ….. ALL precautions need to be instituted.

    Considering that Trump is losing people…..It would serve him well to have a debate (even virtual) with Biden


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  11. BBC – terrible biased reporting as always. It used to go under my radar…. my trust in the BBC was always high. Now my eyes are open, and I can see the bias oozing out of this monster…. whether it's regarding Brexit, Trump, BLM, Leftwing Politics, Globalism…. the BBC is a propaganda machine – and no matter what your opinion is on any of the aforementioned topics, the BBC is FUNDED by TV licence payer money to be impartial… and it's NOT.

  12. 隐藏的逻辑

    结论1: 中国是川普的上帝
    结论2: 中国是美国人民的上帝

  13. Thanks to China and Joe Biden for Covid-19.The globalists know the only way to stop Trump is by hurting the economy. It doesn't matter to them who dies in the process either.

    !!Communism is the death of the soul. It is the organization of total conformity in short, of tyranny and it is committed to making tyranny universal.

    Adlai E. Stevenson

  14. Trump is trying to pull off a Lukashenko by calling this election illegitimate. He is emboldening domestic terrorist's to step in, in the event of a loss to Joe Biden. Lukashenko only received 20% of the vote and Trump looks like he may end up at 40%. He has already planted the seeds in his base that mail in voting will be fraudulent although there is absolutely no proof of this. He will enrage the radicals of his base causing chaos and bloodshed.
    Not unlike Germanies brown shirts in the 30's.

  15. The Trump presidency will go down in history as one where the left and right discovered whole new ways to be angry at each other. I mean, we fighting over cold and flu remedies?

  16. I find it hard to believe that he had covid, I've seen younger, fitter people lose to this decease yet he walks out while he is still infectious.
    Could this be a publicity stunt for the upcoming elections?

  17. snakey bbc liars frauds, conmen, neurolinguistic programming, slowly but surely ensuring the people become indentured assets to big business which they are shareholders of.

  18. trump said usa has the best medical service in the world, but also has the highest and worst infected covid cases and highest death tolls in the world, why the turnout so funny??? He also said he is the best leader in usa to contain covid and protect americans from covid attacks, but sorry to see that he can not even prevent or protect himself from being attacked by covid!! so funny just keep being liars to voters all the time, only idiots believe his words!!!
    China has resumed normal already long before its national day while usa still suffering more and more deaths and infected cases just because trump keep blaming other nations without himself doing nothing effective for americans.

  19. president trump is far better and tougher then our weasels in the the UK government // yes to trump 2020 //the BBC are always negative against president trump but not them selfs // time to scap the 73 year old licence tax

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