Trump’s last day as President: “Movement we started only just beginning” – BBC News

Trump’s last day as President: “Movement we started only just beginning” – BBC News

On Donald Trump’s final full day as US President, he has declared: “We did what we came here to do,” and said the “movement we started is only just beginning”. He was speaking ahead of Joe Biden’s swearing in as the nation’s 46th president. In a break with tradition Mr Trump has refused to attend his successor’s inauguration. Thousands of soldiers have been deployed around Washington DC in the biggest security operation there for decades. The Capitol has been fenced off following the riot by Mr Trump’s supporters who invaded the building. Joe Biden has vowed to speed up the US Covid vaccination programme as president. There have been more than 400,000 Covid-related deaths in America. In a divided country, getting the virus under control is likely to be his biggest challenge as president. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by North America Editor Jon Sopel in Washington and by Nick Bryant in New York. Please subscribe HERE

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  1. …………………..My family will be praying for all the veterans and their families who feel they sacrificed in many ways for this country and our freedoms to have it given away by criminals to China. God bless us all. SSG.Bo.Retired. Combat Veterans are those who fought and or died to protect your rights to remain a jackass. We should fly our flags upside down for our country is now in distress.


    Today, I asked some Bible study buds:

    An interesting date, eh?

    1 2 0 2 1

    Anyone into figuring out what this date might offer us?
    It's the same forwards and backwards.
    Of course,
    If you want to be thorough:
    It's actually
    •A friend replied to me:
    12021=6 satans number
    1202021=8 new beginning
    HMMMM beginning of satans reign(behind the scenes) ?
    •Another friend stated:
    I saw that too…thought it was interesting. Also seen someone in another group say that today was 2 1/2 months since the election. Not that this is "that time"…..but just thought that was ironic too.

  3. Every country is strugling with corona. On and off, even communist China that can just shut down and quarantine is having an outbreak. They aint covering it in North American media because almost all news channels are obviously bought and owned by the CCP. They dont want us to know they have corona outbreaks. They wanna show just like at the beginning of the outbreak that China does so well to contain the virus.

  4. Alex Baldwin put out a tweet about hanging trump from a noose in front of the whitehouse … that tweet still up on Twitter is ok ? it’s only ok as long as you a democrat and talking about killing someone , or rioting or taking over a police station and city blocks for weeks , causing millions in damages and 47 deaths ? . This is what I’m talking about..

  5. Can't help but remember when the media did fuck all to condemn the BLM movement when they were destroying neighborhoods and causing absolute anarchy!..but made sure they broadcasted every second of the senate situation….

  6. The 1.9T dollar covid relief this time all will go to corporations and "tax deductions". I am sure the people who need money to buy food will appreciate the $4K tax deductions if they convert their homes to use 100% solar energy;)

  7. My worry for America is that if the Democrats go after Trump in the courts that they will be creating a martyr thus dividing the country even more , let sleeping dogs lie and may be the country will heal

  8. The world most shameless treacherous President. 400,000 Americans died of Covid 19 during his term in office. He simply just left his office without offering any condolence to the decease family. Just see how evil inhuman this President is?

  9. Usual lies from the BBC – Pence didn't "choose to skip Trump's leaving do". Pence agreed to attend Biden's inauguration in place of Trump before Trump arranged his "leaving do".

    And no, Trump didn't "incite" those who broke into the Capitol building. There's even been suggestions that the "break-in" occurred while Trump was holding his rally, i.e. that those who broke in didn't even hear Trump. If they had, they'd have heard him talk about "peacefully and patriotically making your voice heard".

  10. 150+ million American, half of US population always support President Trump and defend freedom. United we stop and boycott the left, its media, products, stocks, platform and support only conservative candidates and platform. God bless us all.


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  12. "American democracy"….."fair and free election"….."mob"…..what a load of BS the BBC which became bbc, feeds you. I feel sorry for you BBC, what you were, and what you have become. A real slide from quality reporting decades ago, to rubbish.

  13. This "inauguration" was more like a funeral than anything else.
    A taste of what's to come. At least Trump DIDN'T take the country to war in his time in office.

  14. This is not President Trump last as USA President but the beginning coz Biden’s Presidency is a fake one! Biden’s presidency is a stolen votes that belongs to President Trump! President Trump is still the President of AMERICA! We can’t follow leadership of lies. All liars will be thrown into Lake of Fire- HELL Rev.21:8. Jan.6 is the work of the lefts.

  15. What movement Trump? There is no movement. Even if there is the beginning of a movement it will dissolve and fade away.
    The only movement that Trump will see is his own bowel movement.

    Why wasn’t there any evidence found in the voter fraud? The supreme court couldn’t find any. Answer: Because there was no voter fraud.

    Trumps life of corruption has sown its own seeds and now the harvest is being reaped.

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