Two lawmakers who made contact with Trump self-quarantine

Two lawmakers who made contact with Trump self-quarantine

Two more members of Congress — including one who recently shook President Donald Trump’s hand and another who rode on Air Force One — have announced that they will self-quarantine after coming into contact with an individual who has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference. Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, and Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida are now the third and fourth congressmen to take the step, following the same announcements from Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona. #CNN #News

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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if trump had something to do with this because if you look at he wanted China to investigate Biden's family also. Now we have an killer outbreak right at election time? Makes you wonder right?

  2. In my home town i went the store with my mask on people looking at me like im the one sick it goes to show wy that shit is spreading people are dumb an dnt believe shit stinks im treaten as if its already in my town because our government dnt no no more then the people they govern dnt nobody no shit no test i wish i had a stocked pile underground bunker id go there for 90 days this shit is real an scary

  3. I'm thinking "survival of the fittest" will doom the republicans. You can try to deny science, but in the end, science will win out so be idiots and carry on like we are not dealing with a pandemic. The rest will take care of itself.

  4. “The White House has ordered federal health officials to treat top-level coronavirus meetings as classified, an unusual step that has restricted information & hampered the U.S. government’s response to the contagion."

  5. World: "the coronavirus is a serious health hazard, and its spreading all over the world!"
    Trump: "so much fake news!"

    Trump's "fake news" quote is the embodiment of 4chan's "fake and gay" quote.

  6. If the President or someone in his family gets the coronavirus maybe then he will take it serious!! He is a complete idiot!! What a mistake having him as our President! Worst President EVER!!

  7. CNN # 1 in Manipulating the sea of masses the ones with empty soul and sad hearts always mad and looking for the next horror at lightning speed. Never knew what brakes means! watching their live on the retro visor without any time for looks in the inside only on the skin. Thank you!

  8. Para que están asustando tanto en los países el único que decide quien esta enfermado es Dios diga la verdad un convenio hecho entre los científicos lo mismo todos los años le ponen nombre nuevos pero si siendo el flu

  9. Why dont you ask about the last pandemic of 1918.the numbers are higher. We have CDC if the main dr would do his job instead of trying to appear on all the NEWS outlets it would help.. And what about those in FLINT without WATER ???

  10. With Corona virus everyone needs to get tested when you are in a space with someone like that, in the country I am we check out temperature everyday just to be sure . Just praying for everyone's safety

  11. What is important is to know we the general public has not studied the spread of viruses like the flu, if it originates in another part of the world,, it may very well be any fairly contagious virus spreads in exactly in the same way and has been doing so well beyond the Spanish flu epidemic,,, there could of been millions of viral infections like the flu spreading out there, this may very well be a totally common event, with the exception that we have media attention around it and more focus on the spread of it, and yes looking at it it looks horrific on how fast it gets around,,, but it is not uncommon in reality today with air travel it is totally normal this is how the common flu spreads…….in the south we call that sickness the crud,,,

  12. You might slow the virus down somewhat,, but by the time you discover you have it,, you have already infected at least 4 other people, and they do the same so on and so on,,, the only idea from all of this is that the warm weather will kick in and that will stop it….

  13. You are ridiculous,well if you don’t criticize Biden for use full of s&$#, so we can use it to identify you. Of course is wrong and unfair,no reason to use it against you. But why your crew,your channel is doing,you are politicizing everything. Acosta, your political activist, ( he is not a journalist,right) and with Antifa aggression as you received the new campaign about hand shaking. Thanks God less and less people are watching you, your rating are slow, is immoral. By the way is a Chinese coronavirus,get well informed, Democrats in Congress are calling name and are very upset because the critics about China. But yes CCP is a criminal party,that killed his people in the past and will kill in mass,if it decide to cover up about its wrong doing

  14. So Matt Gatz voted against sick leave for workers , but is now taking sick leave pay as he isolates himself , and how is it possible that GOP members can get tested but most Americans can not

  15. 'the president of the united states, as we all know, is ..a..quite a handwasher'….What the fuck? Shes coming on the news to tell us we all know trump is 'quite a handwasher'… How do we all know it? where have we gathered this info about his handwashing? HOW DO WE KNOW..HOW DO WE KNOW?

    Its also a fucking stupid comment. This sycophancy needs to stop.

    Also, i'm surprised hes only 'quite' a handwasher. I thought he would have been perfect at handwashing..record breaking even… his hand washing numbers are the best, you havent seen numbers like it. Anyway, Its obama that doesnt wash his hands but they won't tell you that.
    But it doesnt matter because its all a hoax anyway

  16. There may well be a reason why Trump is not concerned shaking hands with two persons who self-quarantined after meeting him. It may have to do with a British and two Americans who flew to Italy, Russia ans Korea before China, long before the pandemic broke.

  17. @8:06 ' people are making up their own answers to the questions and thats leading to panic and fear'… Trump has done nothing but make up his own answers, telling the public lies about whats happening and trumps lackys have to come out and tell whats really happening….

  18. You dumb stupid f**** Democrats if it wasn't for Trump the coronavirus would be a whole lot worse in this country than it is now Joe Biden was President there be millions of people sick you dumbass Democrats want open borders

  19. Trump and his republican clowns have made a mockery of the Coronavirus. They went on Fox news and misled the American people for 2 months. They didnt take action for political purposes. They endangered the lives of American people!

  20. If I wanted to be very morbid about it there's a plus for older Republicans to ignore the safeguards of this virus
    I think it's a great idea for them to go to maybe The Villages in Florida and have group hugs kisses

  21. This just goes to show how many idiots are surrounding the idiot that is running this country at this time as the old saying goes you can’t fix stupid in the White House is fill to the brim with stupid.

  22. How is this happening. Everyone around Trump is getting Covid19 . He gets nothing. Same as everyone around him goes to prison. He stays free. Trump is probably a carrier of death and sickness under satan

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