US confirms one million coronavirus cases – BBC News

US confirms one million coronavirus cases – BBC News

The US has confirmed one million virus cases, making up almost a third of the total global tally With more than 58,000 deaths, more Americans have died with Covid-19 than died in the Vietnam War The US Congress has abandoned plans to return to Washington next week after lawmakers revolted President Trump has ordered meat processing plants, which have become virus hotspots, to remain open #BBCOS #BBCOutsideSource Please subscribe HERE

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  1. Check out Facebook posts, a lot of American people laugh at these numbers. Saying Influenza killed a lot more than Covid19. That number's going to increase now that more and more people in the USA treats this as a minor threat

  2. Ee will either accept the vaccine and become a semi-robot. and the robot tomorrow. or some of us will die and continue to be free. The dog of the murderers is Bill Gates! human dignity will destroed you.

  3. The USA has decided again and again that they don't want social health services.
    Better dead than red seemed to the message.
    Dead then????

  4. what the significance of testing is if the infected number is still growing? The responsibility of goverment is not the cover-up of the failure of controling this virus.

  5. Fake numbers. Firstly it doesn’t exist secondly they are pumping up the numbers. Lockdown will last 1/2 years. If you want it end sooner then go out and protest. Wake up and rise up people!

  6. The way the W.H.O. organization is supporting China itself is doubtful. They are also involved in the evil plan of China against humanity to gain immense profit by selling immense medical equipment in the pretext of helping the world… is a corrupt organization. This organ must be taken down at the earliest.UK should initiate this process


  8. Well ok then lets say 6million people die from this so called covid 19 interns of the global population that id not even 1000/
    Wakey wakey prople you are being manipulated people who lie to you because they find it easy to wouldnt it be nice to ban the bbc and all othe mainstrean outlets that are just the propaganda arm of the governent and their elites.

  9. Poor usa what a shame got to take it on the chin and look after its people we in the uk got most infected people in city’s isolation is the virus beater till we get a safe vaccine we beat tuberculoses that had same effects as this and we shall beat this

  10. I am not happy because we have an idiot for a president. The fact is, Trump doesn't care if who dies from the virus, he cares about nobody but himself. And he will do anything, no matter how immoral, to further his abilities to accomplish those goals.

  11. I'm sorry but I'm not a big fan of trump but I'm with him on this, this start I'm China and from where I'm standing I didn't see China do enough to help the spread coming from out of there country….. and we deserve answer China has always have this attitude of we own you notting but they do, this started in their country.

  12. ….and this is a MINOR pandemic. Just think if this pandemic were as serious as the MAJOR Influenza Pandemic of the early 20th century. There would be 8 million DEAD Americans ….and we're making a big deal out of ONE million CASES!?……count your lucky stars this isn't that. Based on what I see, this country full of it's snowflakes and childish attitudes couldn't handle a pandemic of that magnitude that they did over a hundred years ago…….sad……Mother Nature should have done a better job at cleaning house….

  13. I heard about the virus in mid-January. By the last week in January I knew it was a pending storm by observing on YouTube the panic in Mainland China. Decided the first week of February to leave Manila for Houston. Departed for Houston February 8 and began to prepare upon arrival. The US should have begun preparing in mid-January instead of two months later. The White House wants to blame China for their own lack of response.

  14. You will one day see for yourself the decay of the Chinese … try opening your mind calmly:
     – Why did China cover up the plague in wuhan in early January and arrest doctors who uncovered the Corona Virus case and eliminated several humanitarian journalists and activists?
    -Why does China announce to the world that the Corona Virus (SARSCov-2) only infects Humans from animals and not from Humans to Humans … meaning China already has evil intentions.
    – Why does China keep opening the door for foreigners and letting their people go abroad … when the plague has started?
    – Why is only God affected by a severe outbreak but other cities are not severe? – how to build a hospital in a few days, without any preparations in advance?
    – Why is the Communist Party leader, scientist, artist, important person in China nobody affected by this disease?
    – When many companies in the world suffered losses and bankruptcies due to the Covid-19 outbreak, China instead offered to buy the company's shares at a very minimal price … this was really too much.
    – Nearly 200 countries have been severely affected by the severity of the virus until the World is overwhelmed to prepare medical equipment, instead China is getting ready to sell Medical equipment especially Ventilators whose prices are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars / unit.
    – China arbitrarily claimed the South China Sea was its property when the Pandemic hit the country "in Southeast Asia which also suffered from suffering from Covid-19. From the things above it appears: China is spreading Covid-19 infection and wants to take the opportunity and profit after the plague hit this world … as well as China making conspiracy theories that accuse the US and other countries to escape the demands and embargo … and one of the communist trìk is "Reversing the Facts so that other Countries are hit and the Country is protected".

  15. As an American, I can not get tested and I'm an "essential" worker. We have three options. Get covid, rack up debt, die homeless and hungry. America.. hell yeah.

  16. I noticed alot of people are calling us the US, or USA. Please dont. We're just "S" for States now. Cause we're not "United" on anything except the physical sake of the country.

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    I just notice that I can send message to the news,under YouTube when it is playing.Am not used to send messages through YouTube why its playing.
    My name is Evangelist Blessing Domkpee.Reporting.

  18. A woman hiding that I just reported.She angry that I tell what she is doing in her hiding inner space,and she went putting hot thing on some one that seems like members of my families.USA,there is a serious injury,dead this woman is operating in,her hiding business she call it sharing,&,Flying through my privacy.
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  19. In the middle of a global pandemic, lets focus on the facts:
    From 2019-2020: Global military spending in dollars: US 732 BILLION , CHINA 281 BILLION, INDIA 72 BILLION, RUSSIA 65 BILLION, SAUDI ARABIA 62 BILLION AND GERMANY 49 BILLION.
    People are dying, children are hungry, global starvation is increasing, continual growth in unemployment across the world, Healthcare system and hospitals cannot deal with the crisis.
    What are governments doing? Answer: 1) Spending multi billions on war and military 2) Private business firms, asset companies and hedge funds all get huge bonuses and profits.
    3) The top 3 families in the 1% increase their wealth by over 300 billion dollars. There is no humanity, nobody cares, the rich don't care how many people die, its just doing everything they can to avoid mass protesting and revolution which is going to happen in the world, its only a matter of time. This divide in wealth is despicable and the behaviour of the rich and powerful knows no consideration, no love and no understanding. This feels like a nightmare, a complete Shakespearean disaster and I can't believe that I live in a world where this is happening.
    There are ways of reducing population and creating more equality in the world, you don't need a pandemic virus and you don't need international wars. When you are not sure who is the real terrorists in the world just look at the military spending budgets. The United States is a corporate oligarchy, the same applies for to the United Kingdom, democracy should not be only have a base level of freedom of speech and the rights to vote. I think its time we accept and understand reality and stop believing in people who don't care about us.

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  21. Just in the interests of balance, something we rarely get from the BBC. The number of deaths in Europe as at 24th May was 173,454 whereas by the 26th May the USA number was 99,486. You could fit 30 European countries into the USA and still have room to spare. To make a comparison of the USA with any single European country is just plain rediculous just as rediculous as the BBC stating the US has lost more people due to Covid-19 (they actually snidely mean Donald Trump) than were lost in the Vietnam War, Iraq and Afghanistan, a totally irrelevant and pointless observation.

  22. This is United States of America under God if American citizens have nothing nice to say about our President of the United States please say nothing at all unless you are praying for this great nation and our president President Trump happy birthday President Trump and God bless you

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