US election results: Trump sues as path to victory over Biden narrows – BBC News

US election results: Trump sues as path to victory over Biden narrows – BBC News

Donald Trump and Joe Biden each claim to be ahead in the US presidential election, even as the final outcome hangs on a razor’s edge and both sides gear up for legal action. The Trump campaign is challenging vote counts in the key states of Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan. The BBC projects Mr Biden won Michigan. US media forecast he took Wisconsin. No result has yet emerged in Pennsylvania. Winning all three of these Rust Belt states would hand Mr Biden victory. The Democratic candidate is also currently leading in Nevada and Arizona, while the gap is closing between him and Mr Trump as counting continues in Georgia. Mr Biden has stopped short of declaring victory, but said he was confident he was on course to beat his Republican rival. Please subscribe HERE

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  1. Sleepy Joe is winning because he is cheating he funnily enuf seems to find just the righ tamount of votes righ twhen it is needed and the righ tamount bloody scam because the DNC is not letting the Reppublicans check each others votes the rotten DNC will alwyas cheat just like they never stopped trying to kick him out the DNC shoul dbe ashoamed of themselves but then again a party who kills millions in the name of family planning has no farking conscience at all so cheating is no problem for that the postal vote sustem is a fraud outright fraud

  2. It is really sad that our countries political system is constantly at the mercy of two parties that are more bent on fighting each other than they are about fulfilling their duties to the people. Any government official who purposely undermines the system based on political ideology should never have been elected in the first place. SMH

  3. 7:55 Lawrence Douglas – efforts to prevent Biden from hiding counting ballots is not going anywhere . Its clear lawrence douglas himself prefers hiding and counting !

    Trump is right . TERRIBLE MANIPULATION AND CHEATING in this so called election is CERTAINLY TRUE

  4. There are still thousands of votes coming from military people overseas, arriving next week… If the counting is stoped, they're gonna go to the garbage. Can you call this a democracy? TOTAL INSANITY!

  5. God Jesus accepted defeat n punishment 4 our sins forgave all sins n won victory over death by He rose again on 3rd day is greatest historical Truth.If u choose 2 trust Him n Bible u r sure in heaven. c easter n Bible in google,,

  6. I will not be surprised but sure the wicked witch will be Vice President who would probably take out the old frail number one if He wins as a clear path to the White House.

  7. Would you vote for a presidential candidate that commits fraud just to be the next president? Please listen to these videos. The world is watching America. Do you really believe that leaders from other nation will shake the hands of a president that commits fraud? and

    Yes there are proof of fraud. Watch Australia Sky News youtube channel. There are videos showing proof of fraud and mail men testifying. Watch about at 5:00 of the video If Biden and his team does this when he is not yet in the seat. What else can they do when they are in power? How many lives did Biden and his group saved during the COVID pandemic to make him authoritative enough to talk about saving life in a pandemic? Did anyone asked this question to him during his campaign? Or everyone just followed like a sheep without thinking?

    Frankly you do not need a president telling you to we are a mask to protect you from COVID. It is the responsibility of each and everyone of us to wear mask, PPE, and to social distance. We can organise our own community and state level to take our own initiative to create a process. Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.

  8. six democrats states stopped the counting for no good reason (when trump was ahead) , and tried to stuff more balots in, reports of ballots being printed , voter suppression, Wisconsin found a extra 100k Biden ballots suddenly , the election is a sham

  9. How can people still support Trump? that guy is like a child that cant lose and Russian hackers obviously helped him in 2016, because they knew he would f**k up the US even more and that would be a advantage for Russia itself.

    even Americas citizen didnt realize Russia`s plan… Russia literally made fun of US by helping Trump.

  10. PM Abey Ahmed declare war on his people to keep his personal political interest.innocent people are locked by the Prime Minister.he shout down phone service,power supply,internet,air plane service to the Northern Area.Innocent people are dying and all world should help to the people who are dying and suffering from the war.

  11. PM Abey Ahmed declare war on his people to keep his personal political interest.innocent people are locked by the Prime Minister.he shout down phone service,power supply,internet,air plane service to the Northern Area.Innocent people are dying and all world should help to the people who are dying and suffering from the war.

  12. PM Abey Ahmed declare war on his people to keep his personal political interest.innocent people are locked by the Prime Minister.he shout down phone service,power supply,internet,air plane service to the Northern Area.Innocent people are dying and all world should help to the people who are dying and suffering from the war.

  13. It’s shameful and disturbing that anyone would vote to have this bigot snake oil salesman back in a seat of power. I’m sad that most of my fellow countrymen are this ignorant. There is a sickness here, or as Isaac Asimov called it a “cult of ignorance” that plagues this country. Our whole democracy doesn’t work when half the population is stupid, hateful, racist who feel it’s their god given right to be dumb and uninformed . Majority rule doesn’t work in mental institutions. I love reading or listening to people’s opinions on the US from other countries.It baffles most. I’m right there with you. I’ve known for a long time this country had some issues. before he was elected I was naive enough to think people couldn’t be this ignorant that they would actually consider him. I was dumbfounded after that first election. Now I’m just hopeful that there is enough thinking people left to get this orange turd out of a seat of power.

  14. Fraudulent! Biden and the Democrats are liers and cheats!
    The American people voted for Trump and the Republican policies…the media and Democrats are scum…don’t believe in their lies.
    I can’t wait until it all comes out…what they have done to our country. What a disgrace the Democrats are!

  15. The BBC and CNN have bashed and disrespected President Trump since he took office…I'm astonished she's actually saying President Trump and not the usual 'Trump'..Once I held the BBC in high esteem..This is no longer possible. .Their reports on President Trump have been terribly unfair.and biased .i

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  17. Congratulations Biden on your 46th President of America and make something beautiful for the next 4 years! Fortunately, you have defeated Trump the Sociopath, who had taken the country to the abyss for the next 4 years with his country separation!

    Now it is time for construction again, all people count in this large and beautiful country! It will take a year after Trump's breakdown!

    I congratulate you again and the people behind you! Greetings from Rotterdam (Mainpoort of Europe), The Netherlands, EU!!! … ………;)

    Trump lost, Vae Victis!!!!

    See link Rotterdam:

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  19. We are seeing a similar scenario of 2000 election – Bush vs Gore. The court rules – not the polls, not the media, not the pundits. People demand transparency of the votes. jts/2020.

  20. No, Joe Biden has Not Won! Congress will Certify the Winner, hopefully on January 6, 2021. Lots of things can happen before that date & Miracles happen. So, to all Christians & Non-Christians who voted for President Trump for 4 More Years, please continue to pray to God Almighty that President Donald Trump will end up the Certified Winner! President Trump built many buildings & created many jobs before he  became President & he did great in 4 years with many great Record Breaking Achievements vs Joe Biden in  47 years in Politics! Joe Biden wants to cut our Retirement Benefits like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid & Veterans Benefits. Majority of Democrats are Pro-Abortion including Joe Biden. They are Baby Killers! Majority of Democrats want "God" taken out from Pledge of Allegiance & in many establishments. They want to ban Fracking, the Oil Industry & that will kill American Jobs & Businesses! They want Open Borders, they provide Sanctuaries & Free Healthcare for illegals & criminal Aliens, and they want to take away many of our Religious Rights, Freedom of Speech & Right to Bear Arms! The Democrat Party is a Party of Riots! President Trump wants Law & Order, he wants all legal Votes counted, not illegal ones. And why many Democrats controlled Polling Places not allowing Republicans Poll Watchers observe? Also, I blame China Leaders for allowing the deadly China Virus or Covid-19 Pandemic spread outside China. President Trump took early decisive actions to stop the spread of China Virus, and he provided the ‘wants & needs’ for each State & offered the help of the Military, but he is not a Dictator, so it's up to the State Governors to fully & correctly execute their Responsibilities in coordination with their City Mayors, and ask for Military help ASAP when needed! I blame the bias News Media for this Election Uncertainties! It's a "Neck-To-Neck" Race, but if they did not deceive & corrupt the minds of their viewers, listeners & readers by reporting only +-10% Positive & +- 90% Negative News against President Trump, with many fake news like the Trump-Russia Collusion, Blue Wave & Bias Polls, he could have won easily by landslide! It's now up to God, may His will be done, but I hope & pray that President Trump still wins. Almighty Father, please help President Trump & VP Mike Pence win. I pray in Jesus Christ name, amen.

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  23. Pennsylvania statewide report as of Sun Nov 8, 2020 from gov
    Biden Trump Total Biden vs Trump
    Election Day 1,403,804 2,727,007 4,130,811 -1,323,203
    Mail in ballot 1,951,170 584,145 2,535,315 1,367,025 76.96% mail-in ballot goto Biden
    Total 3,354,974 3,311,152 6,666,126 43,822 gap threshold: 0.66% > 0.5%
    %mail in 58.15% 17.64% 38.03%

    Pennsylvania state election rule : if gap threshold > 0.5.. no recount allow.. What a coincidence!!!
    IF recount allow – 2,535,315 mail-in ballots will be recounted and validated

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  25. Count every vote? Even the illegal votes? The filled in votes? The ballots from foreign nationals? The ballots from the dead? People voting under age, etc? Count every legal vote and if you have a problem with that you have a big problem within yourself and don't care about our constitution.

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