US sets alarming new coronavirus record

US sets alarming new coronavirus record

The US set an alarming record with 50,655 coronavirus cases reported nationwide in a single day. #CNN #News

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  1. please tell me how many are dying and how many are in the Hospital. Do your research, Texas is under a mask law now. Where i live in Texas there has only been 25 deaths. Total since it started. This is so hype up till even a crazy man would see it. Bill gates has even come out and said the china virus didn't do the job, they will make another one. Africa has put out an arrest for Bill gates because he killed some of the people in Africa. Is this about an election because Biden cant draw a crowd or want do a debate. HCQ is the treatment. I have 15 pills given to me by the doctor. This is costing 3 bucks a pill, or take the 3,000 dollar treatment shot

  2. The coronovirus wouldn't have been in the USA if you all idiots at CNN, WP, MS13NBC didn't spend the day smashing Trump and calling him a racist when he tried to close the border, and you all idiots brought in infected people from China, celebrating Chinese New Year in NYC, and I think you all idiots celebrated Marti Gras too?
    You all busy making Trump look bad, and its really making Liberals look like a terrorist network!!

  3. More deaths in one day in the middle of a pandemic than the two months where it wasn't even a pandemic, or even in the third month when Nancy Pelosi and Mayor Deblasio were telling people to go out in public and not avoid public interactions? Is that the narrative that CNN is pushing to scare its viewers?
    It's amazing how blatantly they lie to enforce their narrative. They want us to believe that this is a new wave rather than a continuation of the first wave. Just because we have flattened the curve to avoid overwhelming our healthcare system, doesn't mean that what has been done was going to continue forever or that it was designed to cure the virus.
    The system was counting on everyone to isolate and stop the economy while not spending any time or resources educating the public on How to live with this new threat.

  4. i live in Europe, and maybe it's good to put figures in respective:
    Since Europe and the USA have abt as many inhabitants, approx. 300 million, it is good to know, that the combined European countries have more deaths than the USA. You only have more affected people, because you test much, much more. It is also good to compare with for instance death through Influenza in 2017: up to 650.000 deaths. We did not get a daily count. Why is everybody talking about Texas? New York is far worse! Sweden did not close down and has the same number if deaths per capita as the countries that closex down. Any news agency telling this is clear cut is lying. be it Fox, CNN BBC or whatever. The scaremongers have the floor, and we should wonder if that is a good thing?

  5. If that so, then we don't have much time to fight this bio battle. Just apply the NEW VACCINE directly on the US people rather on the other way round back. Time is God Damn excruciating important NOW…..STF…..

  6. Too many Americans foolishly do not trust science. Mocking education and the accomplishments of following an evidence based approach to solving health issues, is a deliberate thrust of the far right and Trump has enjoyed their support. Now America pays the price.

  7. So… what's the MORTALITY RATE?
    Bet it's less than ABORTIONS…
    Bet it's less than GANG VIOLENCE…
    Bet it's less than MEDICAL ERRORS…
    Bet it's less than OBESITY…
    Bet it's less than AUTO ACCIDENTS…

  8. "Obama failed to wash his hands often and properly, that's why we got COVID-19 ."
    '' Muller did not help Obama to wash properly his hands with soap, so It got worse"
    '' Hillary Clinton on the Other hand lied and sent fake emails to the Public stating that Obama washed his hands properly following CDC guideline"
    ====)))) " As the commander in Chief of the De-united States of America, I am therefore not responsible"

  9. Everything that USA want to be the top and the first. Not only in the USA, but comparing to whole world. Is time for you to step down. Be the 2nd, it won't lose you a single pain. Admit it and calm yourself down, pride doesn't earn you a living.
    Now virus you also want to be the top?
    Please your resident life is more important than your politic world!

    Take care your country first Mr. Trump, every country business, is none of your problem. Is show too ugly when you do not even stable your country problems yet going around spread rumors and lies and create issue among countries.

    Wake up and sense your urgency

  10. Funny its Florida..anyone who has a cold is labeled COVID..NY and Florida numbers are fake..and most of the people dying come in without COVID but die from being treated as if they had it. its a long story and sick..but look up the undercover nurse who was a combat medic in Iraq videotaped stuff that would make you sick…look it up…the more cases..the more millions hospitals get.this is all a scam into getting more money..COVID dies in UV light or do you really know how many cases there are..i don't know one person whos had it and I'm at the VA around 100s of vets every week…I've never even met a person who knows a person who had or has it..and on FB and social media where on FB i have 2,300 friends..if there numbers are of my 2,300 would have it..40% should be ZERO…and a no autopsy law was passed…there are families who loved one never have COVID going in but either by waiting 5 days in a COVID unit got (they didnt use the 45 minute test)and or were vented and drugged(Fentanyl and Protocol like mixing heroin with a 100 Xananax gives you COVID breathing symptoms and you don't have it, then they vent you. messing up you're breathing even more.with the drugs and you're body can breathe but you're drugged after the drugs and vent fail becuase you're fine and don't have COVID, you're given psych meds and tubed without COVID, and from a 1 -24 you're COVID and lumped in with COVID numbers.the Nurse showed clipboard of patient CIVID 1 test NEG 2 NEG 3 NEG and the top says POS.the only guy that lived in her unit was a junk head, somebody who abuses any drug they can get their hands on,he woke ripped the tube out when he couldn't breathe and saved his own life and didnt even know it, then the masks. can you take a pandemic seriously when you can make the most important item at home with any material..come on..and the masked don't work without eye cover lol?i tested this without know it..i went to my Doctor and waited 45 minutes in his office,i keeper missing my name becuase i was going outside to take off the mask, when they took my vitals i was 80 over 60 with a 106 BPM hypertension and what would get you in a COVID unit if you went in with those numbers…i said give me 15 minutes.. I went outside and breathed in fresh air came back and I was 120 over 79 with a BPM of 78, cotton is only breathable when stretched, and people are wearing them big and not stretched, so most the people coming in with those stats are from wearing the mask.the left is making this all up to keep people all 30 Obama officials from answering subpoenas and its a race against time and they are trying to get Trump removed because know there are transcripts of Obama being in on all the spying and Michael Flynn…all of this has..wait until January when this is all laid out and how WE our university helped make it and got paid by China to take SARS home when they paid the University of North Carolina millions to let their scientists work oni t and they let them bring some goodies home, then the Harvard professor was busted helping them set up a bio lab level 4..most of this is out there can find it you're self..but its all a joke..this nurse worked at the 2 major COVID hospitals NY and Florida.when i find the video..its'll be blown away whats really going it is WATCH be informed not scare by CIVOD or riots

    "California Bans Singing in Church" 4 July 2020
    The State of California has banned singing in any indoor religious services, even with masks on, under new guidelines issued by the Department of Public Health to control the spread of the coronavirus.
    The new guidelines state (emphasis added):
    Even with adherence to physical distancing, convening in a congregational setting of multiple different households to practice a personal faith carries a relatively higher risk for widespread transmission of the COVID-19 virus, and may result in increased rates of infection, hospitalization, and death, especially among more vulnerable populations. In particular, activities such as singing and chanting negate the risk- reduction achieved through six feet of physical distancing.
    *Places of worship must therefore discontinue singing and chanting activities and limit indoor attendance to 25% of building capacity or a maximum of 100 attendees, whichever is lower. Local Health Officers are advised to consider appropriate limitations on outdoor attendance capacities, factoring their jurisdiction’s key COVID- 19 health indicators. At a minimum, outdoor attendance should be limited naturally through implementation of strict physical distancing measures of a minimum of six feet between attendees from different households, in addition to other relevant protocols within this document.
    California had begun re-opening places of worship a few weeks ago, as the state had succeeded in slowing the spread of the disease. But a surge of cases since early June — coinciding with the eruption of the Black Lives Matter protests — has caused the state to reinstate many restrictions.
    In early June 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal by a California church that had challenged Gov. Gavin Newsom’s guidelines restricting church attendance to 25% of capacity.

  12. Alarming? Totally expected. Wait till a couple weeks from TODAY, the National Holiday celebrating "Freedom," so all Trumpies think it is cool to go out in crowds uncovered. We are going to see a spike that makes this look like a fart.
    Science does not CARE whether you believe in it or not. Nor does Darwin.

  13. Is this the only news this channel has, COVID, BLM and bashing Trump…24/7…for the past 5 months now!! (Don't worry, I'm not 4 Trump)
    For those of you who are parents of innocent children, don't you think some focus or "some video" should be in the video library of CNN's channel regarding the arrest of
    """" Ghislaine Maxwell""""", the associate of the scumbag Jeffrey Epstein ??
    If CNN is truly the "news breaker" as they say, why is this paedophile case silently dismissed?? I saw ( 1 ) report in the CNN news when she was arrested, that's it!
    Why does CNN NOT follow up on the matter, and constantly update the public, so more ppl get to know the facts and maybe, just maybe all the high profile criminals probably involved, will get exposed!!
    Who would you like to protect CNN??
    That is why independent journalism is gaining traction very fast, thank God for the internet!

  14. Vote for trump don't believe in cnn watch fox news there a different we are all about truth and love all races spread the word This is about you and we the people spread the message

  15. We need to remember that there is a time lag between the greater exposure of people by opening everything too early and the surge of cases. Look at what happened in New York. Florida has a large number of seniors, who tend to be republicans, when the seniors in “over 55 “communities ,assisted living, and nursing homes become covid patients the republicans will have killed their own supporters. 43 percent of covid deaths in the USA occurred in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The overall death rate for those over 65 is even higher. Trump has conned his supporters, brought out the worse in many and now is killing them needlessly. Please look at Texas, Florida, and Arizona again.

  16. The perfect storm brews and catches us with our pants down. It's not about freedom people. We've just been lied to all of our lives that we actually don't care if we live or die anymore. That's what's happening.

  17. Maybe stop promoting shoulder-to-shoulder protests where the screaming negates the efficacy of the masks. Anyone who normally wears a mask for allergies that could kill them (nearly choked to death from my allergies once) knows that shouting or breathing hard makes the mask pointless. Also we didn't slow the curve, we quarintined, then basically dropped restrictions. This could not have been fucked up more, largely due to your and the rest of TV's shitty reporting.

  18. What. THE. F??!! Covid parties where the first person to contract gets cash??? I'm so embarrassed and afraid living in a country where people have zero decency or care for other human beings!

  19. Fake news MSM perpetuating A race war URGE protesters (who are "mostly peaceful" LOL as buildings burn in the background) to go protest and wonder why the virus is spreading! Are you seriously blaming Trump you evil scumbags!
    When you have big corporations, main stream media and, pro democrat socialist in our education system taking money from the CCP to promote those ideologies you are shaping the minds of the people. People who don't bother educating themselves researching the issues they claim they care so much about.
    For instance issues of slavery, racism and oppression. To get the context of the history of slavery, teach it in its entirety. Teach from a world perspective. Not just a one race, one county, point of view. Teach how the slave trade was the way of the world. Teach when people went to war the victors took the slaves of those they conquered. Teach how every race took slaves of their own race and the races of others. Teach how they sold them to their own race and other races. It was called the slave trade. So teach the slave trade in its entirety!
    Then teach how the world is still living off the backs of slaves. How we are supporting modern SLAVERY! When you buy anything MADE from Communist China YOU SUPPORT SLAVERY! They arrest those who oppose the CCP & most religious people. As if being a slave isn't bad enough! They kill them to harvest their organs! So while you're enjoying your cheap products made by slaves, remember the hypocrisy. So while you enjoy your freedoms you might want to think of those who lost theirs, when communist took over china with empty promises of equality. If you're really passionate about slavery and oppression then speak up and protest for those who can't speak up. Start boycotting & protesting modern day slavery.
    You might want to start researching what political party started & for whatever reason ended slavery not just for the USA but, for the civil world. Then learn the party that help start the civil rights movement in the 40s & 50s only to have it hijacked by the other party seeing how there was no stopping it. What party had the first black people in government. What party started the KKK. Speaking of hijacking it seems the blm was hijacked by a political party. Speaking of the KKK doesn't it seem odd Antifa seems to be the new KKK? Antifa is influencing blm to be socialist. Isn't it odd democrats are calling themselves the socialist democratic party? If a political party was trying to control a population how would they do it? How were slaves dependent on their masters? Keep them dependent on them. Limit their education. Control their population is that why planned parenthood setup in urban communities? Get them to fight & kill each other by selling them a tribal mentality by promoting gangster rap so they join gangs that gets them hooked on that lifestyle drugs violence. Make them hate them opposition party by claiming they are racist & shun anyone who questions the narrative.
    Remember Facts matter & it is rational to question the motives of those who want something from you. Facts matter more than bias rhetoric propaganda that is made up to keep people emotionally invested into their narrative. It is common sense to have perspective of the whole issue. So therefore it is up to the individual to learn about issues they claim to care so much about. When you let emotions overcome your rational thought people will take advantage of you & try to control you as long as possible. That is why people get used & tossed aside once there usefulness is fulfilled.
    Racism being taught by the education system that is only teaching enough to keep the hate going. By the prison system that breeds racism & gangs. The entertainment industry that is made up of movies, television, music, main stream media and platforms like YT, Google, Twitch, Twitter and more. They all seem to be selling you a narrative that keeps us fighting each other. Like the current issue us slavery from their narrow minded perspective. When slavery isn't taught in its entirety, all they are doing is teaching enough to keep the bigoted hatred going while, pointing the blame onto one race and one political party. Almost as if you want a race war. Or to prevent one, you have to vote for democrats. I call that motives.
    What is worse is the party of slavery, segregation and the KKK is now letting black people think it is their idea to start segregation back up, like they did in CHAZ CHOP. Most if the BLM are white people who turned it into a political party to hid behind so they can then use them to end free speech by calling it hate speech by racist. This is why they hate things that unify us. True Christians practice love and tolerance. They would have you believe God is evil. But Satan actually means he who divides. As they would have us divided.
    You want to curb racism, then teach the entire history of slavery or stop teaching all of it. The same can be said for violence. If you want violence to decrease then boycott the entertainment industry's movies, TV and music. What message are they representing? Gangster lifestyle mentality is evil.
    If democrats are for you what have they done for you? Why fight so hard to keep planned parenthood (set up by a racist Nazi sympathizer) going while targeting minorities communities?
    People need to do some serious research into issues they claim to care about so they can know what they are fighting for or even against. When you let others tell you how to feel without fact checking you will be taken advantage of and used for their agendas because trust me they have motive. Motive that is bought and paid for one way or another…

  20. When 3200 people died US spend 5 Trillon dollars in War….. president got alarmed . US 130K people died Spend 0 dollars and president It's A hoax its nothing….. US only care about bombing countries for their own interests to keep their war machine industrial Capitalist Parasite happy not the live of common citizens change my mind!

  21. Mahathir暗中谋杀我(惨无人道白老鼠实验)!这个过程我无法逃避!我当然吃!不吃您怎么会吃?一级谋杀罪!我就是那个传说蛳子

  22. It's been 4 months…..still nobody can tell me where these numbers come from……because i know for a fact that the hospital's don't report their numbers to the media….at least the 4 that I work at don't……so where? I'm legit looking for a real answer…..

  23. We knew the world would never be the same. A few people laughed, a few
    people cried, most people were silent. Now I am become death, the
    destroyer of worlds.

  24. Periwinkle flowers is the only vaccine for covid 19 why watch' this in india even Cancer can cure by using periwinkle flowers regular ly take 15 flowers of periwinkle pour 500 ml water and boil it to became 250 ml below.and use to drink regularly for one weak twice a day .it will reduce diabetes.and can cure cancer . corona covit 19 damaged all the internal parts of organs . periwinkle flowers flights the covid 19 and destroy all covit19 germs .if a person is. Having cancer we modern science we electric shock to particular areas of cancer area but in india sidha and ayurvedic treatment they are using periwinkle flowers drink to cure cancer it destroyed entire cancer germs with out damaging organs .ask usa doctors to try this

  25. In any rational government, rising numbers mean that the authorities would be in panic mode. The coming vaccine would be seen as a protective measure against future infections not the current ones!

  26. The numbers a totally fake and distorted beyond anything close to reality. Show us the real death rates, not from corona, but the overall death numbers. The numbers that matter are being hid.

  27. Hey liars, oh I mean Communist news, how about showing some actual facts with actual science backing, like all those that have recovered, or how hospital stays for this are now 70% shorter in duration or how deaths have been decreasing by over 65%!!! Huh?? Evil, soulless people you all are at cnn. How about how healthy people with minor issues are being put into covid area of hospital, infecting otherwise healthy individuals?? How about firing your deranged boss and ceo and getting back to unbiased, legitimate news? It’s ok if the answer is no. CNN, MSNBC are secretly being investigated. Billions of $$ is flowing to cnn via China folks. Several experts in IT have had access to these companies banking info. It will all crumble upon these bad news orgs soon enough. Be patient.

  28. COVID-19 parties? Reminds me of Chicken Pox parties where parents deliberately infect their children with Chicken Pox just to obtain immunity. However Chicken Pox is not a respiratory infection unlike COVID-19. A vaccine by Winter 2020/2021? America’s strength against COVID-19 is powerless and many innocent lives lost is proof of that. If America can’t control COVID-19 then the Common Cold and Influenza will be the least of your worries. The USA should give a triple vaccine cocktail for Winter 2020/2021…one vaccine for COVID-19, one vaccine for influenza, and the last vaccine for stupidity.

  29. CNN fails to mention the protests and riots that set off the second wave and also how the death rates continue to drop. Which is why they keep focusing on cases instead of deaths. Wake up you liberals!!

  30. Euronews and Reuters report:

    The University of Barcelona has
    SarsCov2 detected in wastewater samples on March 12, 2013 that
    were collected in the city:

    This poses the current pandemic
    out as a fake. People worldwide are
    infected with SarsCov2 for years.
    It just didn't attract attention because it didn't was tested afterwards. SarsCov2 went down in the flu wave unnoticed at the time. Even today, because of SarsCov2, there is no over-mortality from previous years. There are numbers.

    According to another study, people have been infected with SarsCov2 since 2013.

  31. Not sure but I'm afraid the med acc has people really unhealthy then this kills them not people that take natural supps….wake up fat out of shape drug taking America

  32. us: 3000k cases vs China: 80k cases. us as the only superpower on earth doesn’t have a quarter of Chinese population, but the infection rate is almost 160 times worse than a communist country. Shame

  33. I am in a neighborhood where human trafficking is being avoided by the police and the authorities. I have reported these crimes done to me and the children around me, and the authorities have mocked and laughed at me. Where the criminals pay or bribe the law and hide behind them.

  34. I try to keep an open mind, but I am ABSOLUTELY BAFFLED that people would truly believe that President Trump says when it comes him saying the "numbers are exaggerated, its fake news" this is the same dude who truly thought drinking/injecting bleach would cure COVID-19, this is the same dude who thought this is another strain of the flu

  35. Trump managed the corona crisis catastrophically: Currently, there are about 10 times as many coronavirus infected people in the US as in the EU (per 1 million inhab.):
    Coronavirus mass tests were started much too late, there were too few respirators and protective clothing, and masks were not compulsory. And in June too many states reopened far too early after pressure from Trump.

  36. Now that the economy is getting better all they can do is go to the default setting.

    In ne we york the crim rate doubled

    The rest of the world is not lieing and they are fine except Brazil

    Do these people just keep lieing?

    California is just as bad as Florida

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