Vice presidential fact check: Daniel Dale selects his lie of the night

Vice presidential fact check: Daniel Dale selects his lie of the night

Vice President Mike Pence echoed some of President Donald Trump’s most common falsehoods and misleading statements during the lone vice presidential debate with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) — though in a more restrained, neatly packaged way. The Salt Lake City debate was a less chaotic affair when compared to September’s first meeting between Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. But there were traces of that event in Pence’s delivery of some of the same lines that the President often repeats. Harris, too, made some claims that were misleading or lacked context, but those paled in comparison to the litany of statements from Pence that were either untrue or needed additional context. Coronavirus and the Trump administration’s response dominated the start of the debate and was referenced throughout, and the threat of the virus — due to the plexiglass barriers separating each desk — was apparent before either candidate spoke a word. The rivals also argued over economic recovery, the future of health care in America and the importance of tackling the climate crisis. #USElections #Debate #CNN

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  2. Makes sense. The biggest lie of the Republicans is saying that they tell the truth.

    "You're entitled to your opinion, you're not entitled to your own facts." So I guess only alt-right morons and Nazis are entitled to their own facts?

  3. Just imagine! If Democrats take control over the presidency, judicial, the Senate, and the house,! If you know what they stands for and their fruits! Do you think they want to do good for America or for their evil agenda! They make up so much unjust laws, take away our constitional laws gradually as end results, high taxes, SOCIALISM, Christians and Jewish persecutions, poverty, jobs given away, more homelessness, or weapons be taken away and so freedom of speech. We will have tyranny like China. We will have SOCIALISM and more corruption and more evil deeds against American people. They will call American citizens terrorist who are against them! I believe they to destroy America from within!
    We need to think a bigger picture of their agenda. This is my opinion.

  4. Trump said it himself, “ i could murder someone on 5th. Avenue, and nobody would even notice,” use religion, and you dont even have to earn, their vote, they’ll die for you, just like Hitler did.

  5. Wow…Research show the ban didnt help. they always have research backing them up. Did they research on how much the riot damage people's saving? or how many covid cases were spread from the protests?

  6. I paid almost 3 times more on my health insurance under Obama Care. Trash the Obama Care Act. I paid $539 for 3 people before Obama care and now I paid $1300 under Obama Care.

  7. And how can you ask us to be respectful to the most disrespectful people that you can find. And why do you allow their lies to go unchecked YouTube. Are you really I. Bed with them?

  8. Lets select some more lies.
    The Virology Journal…The official publication of Dr. Faucis National Institutes of Health…
    Published August 22,2005
    HQC functions as both a cure and vaccine…In other words its a wonderful drug for coronavirus said Dr. Faucis NIH in 2005.
    Fauci’s researchers add that it completely abolished SARS CoV infection and can effectively reduce the establishment infection and spread of SARS-CoV…Dr. Faucis has known for 15 years that Chloroquine and its milder derivative hydroxichloroquine will not only treat a current case of Covid but prevent future cases. HE IS A COMPLETE FRAUD.

  9. ! Democratic Party . Initiator and perpetrator of white supremacy; Manifest Destiny: Slavery: The Civil War; The Ku Klux Klan; Black Codes; Segregation; opposition to civil rites measures; making Black people victims rather than equals; enabling the Bigotry of low expectations; widespread abortions among minorities; increased minority incarcerations; open boarders (which keep wages low and minority unemployment high); protecting underperforming schools; opposition to school choice; disrespect for law and order; and ignoring destruction within our cities;
    With all this seeming historic evidence of being uncaring, the Democratic Party has the audacity to make the outrageous claim that it cares about minorities. Ignore what the Democrats say .Look at the evidence of what Democrats have done and continue to do to minorities—– as well as to the rest of America's citizens — as they now embrace the failed agenda of Socialism

  10. 16K ventilators for a 340M+?  Small Pox vaccines for COVID-19?   An admission to there were no mask and they were depleted during H1M1 and never replenished?  What part of empty don't these idiots understand!  This is why nobody listens to what you fools have to say!

  11. Trump has reduced my taxes, secured our border, made us energy independent, increased the value of my 401K, reduced federal funding for abortions, defeated the ISIS CALIFICATE, bringing peace to the middle east, rebuilt the military, supports our law enforcement … I think he has earned my vote this time. TRUMP 2020 !

  12. Stupid Biden called the travel ban Xenophobic. Are you reporters so stupid that you can't watch a video of Biden saying that?
    Direct quote from CDC website
    " From April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (range: 195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (range: 8868-18,306) in the United States due to the (H1N1)pdm09 virus."   
    If that virus was as deadly as corona, Obama and Biden would have had MILLIONS of dead Americans on their hand.

  13. i took us history in high school, and i seem to remember a chinese exclusion act in the 1880s that restricted travel and immigration from china. chester a arthur was 140 or so years ahead of his time with the covid response.

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  15. !Trump has reduced your taxes, Secured our border, Made us energy independent, Increased the value of our 401K, Reduced federal spending for abortions, Best employment in US history, Lowest unemployment in all categories, Defeated the ISIS Califate , Bringing peace to the middle east, 3 Nobel Peace Prize nominations, Returned over 50 hostages from 22 different countries, Rebuilt the military, Supports our law enforcement. I think he has earned your VOTE. STOP BEING LIED TO #WalkAway

  16. Heard about Biden's campaign manager announcing that BIden's poll numbers were big time inflated? Trump is (just by current early voting numbers) set to potentially win Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. BIden's plastic campaign duped a lot of people. It's all out in the open as of today. The chance to hear him cry is shrinking. Fast.

  17. Wisdom says: "Why not expose questionable propaganda prevalent today"? The following people dare to expose corruption. 1) Dr Bhakdi exposes improper Covid response:
    Liz Wheeler speaks : Bombshell Report: 90% of Positive COVID-19 Tests Should Be Negative
    2) Tony Heller exposes NOAAH and NASA 'fudging' the climate data (and this shows how far the Deep State will go to manipulate the masses into believing in global warming) 3) The Corbett Report: One of the best explanations and critiques of The World Economic Forum's 'Global RESET'

  18. I'm not saying that Hunter is guilty of anything, but over 10% of the people that saw thing reporting of what did happen had something to comment on. We the People of The United State of America ~ has no meaning for the media or press, it's not that they don't have America in their hearts, because they don't have a heart for Americans. If the FBI had this information at didn't investigate it until now, it's up to Mr. Wrey to explain, and up to Mr. Barr to explain, but mostly it's up to the former Vice-President to explain why he used our money guarantee to firer a prosecutor of an important ally of our nation. It would be up to the Trump Administration to get to the bottom of this, but how? The Media and Press will say that he would be doing it for political reasons, and that would be the 10% of the People that trust the Media and Press, now FOX being fair has reported the desire of CNN and MSNBC, but nobody that saw this report feel compelled to say that good old Joe is not a Don. The Trump Administration will be a little different after the election in a few weeks, typically, the internal folks change when the new administration begin, but if anyone knows the president, they know that he's not waiting for a new term, come November 4th, I'm thinking, well ~ win or lose ~ President Trump will have time to dig into his Sun Tzu bag of tricks, we all know how the movie starts, it takes a little encouragement to motivate folks stuck in their ways. The former Vice-President got his job by pointing to a storybook land. Well, President Trump is the hero in our never ending story. The American Story is never ending, it changes when necessary, but never in a bad way, our founders had one objective, to form a more perfect union, not a perfect union, we will never have a perfect union, but to hear the media and press and DNC tell it, we are a screwed up mess. What ever faults we have as a Nation, our constitution is not a part of our faults, we have free speech and that's the law, but lies to the public to influence our elections do not fall into the category of free speech, it's "Bad Form" we have little power to change that, but no American needs to believe that which is not true, what Biden says has not the same validity as what the Trump Administration has accomplished, most of us know we are much better off because of the Administrations idea of America First, it's never been about screwing the other guy, just not getting screwed. Ike took us to the brink of war with U-2's, JFK took us to the brink of war over CUBA, Johnson told the Vietnam commies where the F-105's where going to bomb, Obama never does admit he's half white, and Joe is a Don or so I believe. If he can explain, fine ~ but how can he ~ what is written is what is written. Why would his family be obligated to give him anything but admiration and love? Some member of the Trump family has an issue, it's front page news, for Joe it's a lie, 10% of Americans buy into the DNC, that's 35 million votes, half of what Hillary got, Hillary always claimed the election was about the least worst, and out of it came the best their every was, well maybe 2nd or 3rd, but she and the media and press were wrong, American's felt something with their Don ~ and to this day, the feeling is growing daily, freedom does feel good.

  19. Twitter, Facebook censor Hunter Biden story

    Declassified docs show CIA briefed Obama on Hillary's plan to link Trump to Russia~

    Sidney Powell Speaks Out after Mueller Team Wiped Clean Info on 27 Phones before IG Inspection

    Gingrich: Trump was right, 'deep state' attempted coup

    'General Flynn was set up': KT McFarland

    Hillary's America

  20. The publication took action after the lawyer and author, who is also CNN's chief legal analyst, exposed his genitals during a virtual meeting last week with staffers from the New Yorker and WNYC radio, according to a Monday report from Vice.

    “I made an embarrassingly stupid mistake, believing I was off-camera," Toobin said in a statement to Vice. "I apologize to my wife, family, friends and co-workers.

    “I believed I was not visible on Zoom," he added. "I thought no one on the Zoom call could see me. I thought I had muted the Zoom video."

    Upon Toobin's suspension, a spokesperson for the New Yorker told Vice that the media outlet is investigating the situation. Toobin joined the New Yorker in 1993.

    Despite his recently inactive status on social media, Toobin appeared Saturday on CNN. On Monday, the cable news network released a statement saying, "Jeff Toobin has asked for some time off while he deals with a personal issue, which we have granted."

    Toobin is also known for his political books, including 2020's "True Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Investigation of Donald Trump," as well as his legal work as a former associate counsel in the Department of Justice.

  21. This guy spews more lies than the people he "fact checks" that is the funny part. Its an opinion piece called a fact check. half his facts are in fact opinions or distorted CNN opinions. That why trump calls CNN fake news

  22. The election of Donald Trump did not create the left’s hate…. it revealed it. It's so ironic how the left preaches "love over hate" when their only motivator is their hate for President Trump.

  23. This ENTIRE video is just CNN bending facts to make Obama, Biden and Harris look good, while HINGING their ENTIRE argument against our CURRENT leader on technicalities that were far less severe than their own party's failures. I just come here every now and then so as to see how rhetorical and logical CNN is (or rather in this case how it ISN'T), just to have a balanced palate of media consumption from both sides, even though I mostly enjoy sticking to the center. And this is NOT center AT ALL. Looks like not much has changed here. Dear CNN watchers, look up and learn about the "Straw Man" fallacy argmuent. Because the fact checker guy in this video inaccurately uses the term "misleading", yet he is also doing the exact same thing almost the entire video lol.


  25. I love how everytime trump has been in an election against a Democrat CNN craps on him. I know trump lies as everybody does. But noted that every person that works and does report for CNN are dimocrats and they manipulate you. I know you will dis agree but thats because you have already been manipulated

  26. In Shelbyville, Tn we were running low on food at grocery stores. And that’s with Trump downplaying the virus. Thank you Trump for not causing more panic and more shortages than we had.

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