Viral dad on the trials of working from home – BBC News

Viral dad on the trials of working from home – BBC News

Families across the world are having to spend more time at home to try to contain the spread of coronavirus. The BBC spoke to Professor Robert Kelly and his wife, Jung-a Kim to ask them about the lockdown in South Korea with children Marion and James. The family became a global hit in 2017 when Prof Kelly’s children gatecrashed a live interview he was doing with the British broadcaster. Please subscribe HERE

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  1. W are not criminals so we do not have any resistance as to the personal datas being revealed. However, there has been some number of cases where too much personal exposer has been a problem.

  2. 나일 먹어가니까 시간가는 줄 잘 모르겠는데
    1년전인지 2년전인지 좀 헷갈리는데
    그새 엄청나게 컸네, 보행기타던 아기가 소년이 됐고
    꼬마아가씨는 숙녀가 됐네

  3. I dont know but the daughter kinda irritates me. The first interview was cute but her behaviour now is just kinda annoying. Like she's doing it on purpose or something. I have a niece (toddler) but she isnt as misbehaved as this girl. She knows when to be funny and when a situation is serious. Dont go telling me give that girl a break shes a kid because it is when they are still kids that you teach them some manners. The little boy was more behaved than her. He wasn't disrupting his parents when they were talking. And thats really nice.

  4. 애기엄마 따님 약간 눈이 사팔끼가 있네요. 어릴때 근육이 풀려서 자주 그러죠. 굳어지면 안되니 안과 가셔서 적절한 치료 받으세요. 2달정도면 바로 잡혀요 ..이글 꼭 보셨음 하네요 ^^;;

  5. 와 딸내미 여전히 bbc인터뷰 따위 후려치는 어마어마한 아이로 자랐고..ㅋㅋㅋ 아들내미는 아기때도 이뻤는데 여전히 미모가…ㅎㄷㄷ

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